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Masters » Reading and Literacy
Eastern New Mexico University   #16724
MEd in Reading and Literacy   details ▼ 
Tuition: $8,580   (New Mexico)
Eastern New Mexico University   #16725
MEd in Pedagogy and Learning emphasis in Reading and Literacy   details ▼ 
Tuition: $8,580   (New Mexico)
University of Missouri, Columbia   #13956
MEd in learning, teaching, and curriculum with an emphasis in learning and instruction and a literacy focus   details ▼ 
Tuition: $11,913   (Missouri)
University of Missouri, Columbia   #13968
MEd in learning, teaching and curriculum with an emphasis in reading education   details ▼ 
Tuition: $11,913   (Missouri)
University of Alabama   #14273
MA in Secondary Education (Reading Specialist P-12 Certification)   details ▼ 
Tuition: $12,265   (Alabama)
Minnesota State University Mankato   #14129
MA in Reading   details ▼ 
Tuition: $14,189   (Minnesota)
Regis University   #3942
MEd - Reading Emphasis (Non-Licensure)   details ▼ 
Tuition: $14,325   (Colorado)
Georgia Southern University   #16647
MEd Reading Education   details ▼ 
Tuition: $15,070   (Georgia)
Walden University   #12503
MS in Education with specialization in Adolescent Literacy and Technology (Grades 6–12)   details ▼ 
Tuition: $15,700   (Florida)
Kansas State University   #18267
Master of Curriculum and Instruction: Reading Specialist   details ▼ 
Tuition: $16,430   (Kansas)
Kansas State University   #15073
Master of Curriculum and Instruction: Teaching Civics and Government   details ▼ 
Tuition: $16,430   (Kansas)
Upper Iowa University   #17853
MEd in Reading   details ▼ 
Tuition: $16,695   (Iowa)
Walden University   #17255
MS in Education with specialization in Reading and Literacy K-12 Endorsement   details ▼ 
Tuition: $16,700   (Florida)
Walden University   #12505
MS in Education with specialization in Elementary Reading and Literacy (Grades pre K–6)   details ▼ 
Tuition: $16,700   (Florida)
Kaplan University   #12191
MS in Education with emphasis in Teaching Literacy and Language   details ▼ 
Tuition: $16,978   (Florida)
Ohio University   #18360
MEd in Reading Education   details ▼ 
Tuition: $17,264   (Ohio)
Saint Xavier University   #19330
MA Individualized Program in Reading   details ▼ 
Tuition: $17,485   (Illinois)
University of West Georgia   #16670
MEd Reading Instruction   details ▼ 
Tuition: $17,572   (Georgia)
National University   #14487
MA in Teaching Specialization in Reading   details ▼ 
Tuition: $17,790   (California)
Grand Canyon University   #17577
Master of Arts in Reading with an Emphasis in Secondary Education   details ▼ 
Tuition: $18,570   (Arizona)
Grand Canyon University   #17578
Master of Arts in Reading with an Emphasis in Elementary Education   details ▼ 
Tuition: $18,570   (Arizona)
Ball State University   #19578
MAEd in Elementary Education Early Childhoot Education   details ▼ 
Tuition: $19,155   (Indiana)
Ball State University   #9979
MAEd in Elementary Education Reading - Literacy Instruction   details ▼ 
Tuition: $19,155   (Indiana)
Grand Canyon University   #6739
MEd in Curriculum and Instruction: Technology   details ▼ 
Tuition: $19,590   (Arizona)
Grand Canyon University   #14282
MEd in Curriculum and Instruction: Reading with an Emphasis in Secondary Education   details ▼ 
Tuition: $19,590   (Arizona)
Nova Southeastern University   #14082
MA in Teaching and Learning in Elementary Reading   details ▼ 
Tuition: $19,850   (Florida)
Ashford University   #16392
MA Education with specialization in Reading Literacy   details ▼ 
Tuition: $20,160   (Iowa)
Capella University   #5514
MS Education in Reading and Literacy   details ▼ 
Tuition: $20,380   (Minnesota)
Southern New Hampshire University   #15627
MEd in Curriculum & Instruction - Reading   details ▼ 
Tuition: $20,731   (New Hampshire)
City University   #8490
MEd in Reading and Literacy   details ▼ 
Tuition: $22,125   (Washington)
National Louis University   #19440
MEd with Reading endoprsement   details ▼ 
Tuition: $26,316   (Illinois)
Mercy College   #15099
MS in Teaching Litercy, Birth to Grade 12   details ▼ 
Tuition: $28,903   (New York)
University of South Florida   #15211
MA in in Reading K-12   details ▼ 
Tuition: $30,836   (Florida)
Nova Southeastern University   #18614
MS in Education with specialization in Early Literacy Education   details ▼ 
Tuition: $35,015   (Florida)
Drexel University   #11261
MS in Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum with concentration in Reading Specialist Certification   details ▼ 
Tuition: $36,500   (Pennsylvania)
Indiana University   #15063
MSEd Literacy, Culture, and Language Education   details ▼ 
Tuition: $41,680   (Indiana)
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