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We have endeavored, as much as possible, to keep tuition accurate. However, there are variables which we are unable to completely compensate for. Schools differ in their tuition pricing from per credit hour, to one price for the whole program, with most running a gamut between. Usually, there is a combination, with both a credit-hour price, per semester registration fees and even graduation fees. As a consequence, the actual cost of an education at a given school will likely vary, depending on how many courses you carry at a given time, as well as by how many credits you can transfer or earn by examination.

Neither are the schools consistent in their credit measures, varying from quarters, to a full year, to the full program, but we have attempted as much as possible to take this to account in our cost calculations.

We have attempted, wherever practical, to cover variables, such as whether you will be a full-time or part-time student, but being exhaustive is also prohibitive, as every variable cannot be anticipated.

State-supported schools usually have one tuition price for in-state students, and a higher one for out-of-state, but there are also a few anomalies that proved impractical to provide for. These may offer the lower price for the counties immediately surrounding the school (which we give as the in-state tuition), or an intermediate price for counties just outside the state (not covered).

Textbooks are not taken into account, since these can be acquired in a number of different ways, some of which do not even require expenditure.

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