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Who Can Benefit From Distance Learning Degree Programs?

Distance learning degree programs are ideal for those who want a college degree but cannot, or do not wish to, attend regularly scheduled classes. The reasons may be as diverse as conflicting family or job responsibilities for some, traveling for others, or moving frequently (such as military personnel).

Distance learning degree programs provide an educational opportunity for those who are physically challenged and those who live too far from a college campus to attend classes. Distance learning degree programs, as offered through several state supported colleges and universities, provide tremendous cost savings over traditional degree programs.

Distance learning degree programs appeal to those with scheduling difficulties. By managing their own learning format and study schedule, they are given the means and the opportunity to utilize their time more efficiently than would be possible in a traditional educational climate.

Distance learning degree programs have special appeal to those who wish to proceed at an accelerated pace. Those with ability and experience may progress rapidly and graduate in less time than they could in a traditional setting.

Distance learning degree programs are particularly beneficial to people with disabilities. The physically challenged are spared the inconvenience of commuting to and from classes. Those who learn slowly can proceed at their own pace, free from any embarrassment they might encounter if unable to keep up with their peers in a classroom environment.

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